How to choose a company in Japan?

How to choose a company in Japan?

The minimum requirements for a company to purchase and export cars entail a secondhand dealer license, a membership of auctions, and, of course, a registration of a company with an office(s) located in Japan with a local bank account.


For a person who lives outside of Japan, it would be very difficult to find a business partner to have a long-term partnership especially if he or she has never been to this wonderful country. We very much understand the difficulty. Regardless of experiences you may have or may not have, the process of importing a Japanese car is very simple on one side and very complex on the other.


What is simple? All the export process can be brought together in several stages:

  1. Search and buy a car.
  2. Sending the car to the port.
  3. Preparation of required documentation and getting the car ready for export.
  4. A ship reservation and export the car.

Looks easy, isn’t it? Indeed, almost everyone can do it.


The complexity comes from having to pay careful attention at all stages and the need for knowledge of all the subtleties. Furthermore, one must know everything in details to organize the whole process while avoiding troubles, increasing speed and reducing costs at the same time.

There is no set way that everyone can rely on when exporting because so many unexpectable and different things possibly happen to bring about different situations, however, with a lot of experience and relations we have with other companies, we are able to export cars for valued customers in an easy and simple way.


If you are worried about language barriers - please do not worry! We will find a way to communicate!


We are not saying that we are the best export company but what we want you to know is that we will make every effort to be regarded that we are the one you can count on.


With that said, we want to show you what similarities and differences in export companies.

Basically, all the cars for export come from auto auctions, dealers or auto shops that buy cars from owners in Japan.

Once cars are sold for export, they are usually transported to the port by overland transportation.

The preparation of cars and documentation for export are made in accordance with the rules and regulations of the county where those cars will be shipped.

All the companies follow exactly the same process and they use the same shipping companies when exporting. This explains similarities shared by export companies including us.


What are the differences observed? Well, differences can be seen in their business models for which each export company works. In another word, their models will be different depending on whether it is a large company or an individual who works as a middleman. Of course, other factors such as opportunities also form differences in them.


What can we do for you?



What makes JDM so unique and special, and what is our scheme of work and, of course, how much does our service cost?

We work crystal-clearly and provide you with reports on the cost of purchases, shipping and freight charges, which is something not so many export companies do as they wish to keep real prices and expenses secret.

We give complete and reliable information we obtain on the car including both positive and negative things. We are very interested in the success of our partners and their businesses and do our very best for it.

We can confidently say that commission we are thankfully paid by our customers for the export of cars and motorcycles is cheaper than any other export company in Japan! Please feel free to contact us and tell us what you are looking for and we will be more than happy to assist you!