Testimonials about us and our company JDM from Japanese and foreign customers and partners.


For a long time I have wanted to buy a car from Japan, but I was not sure if I could do it successfully. Then I talked to a friend of mine who bought a car for me before. He taught me how he imported a car with the help of JDM and gave me their contact information. I contacted the manager and he explained all the process of buying and importing a car, which was very easy to comprehend. He was friendly and easy to communicate with and kindly taught me tips on how to do things better. I thought that it would be really difficult and was worried about making mistakes given that I had no experience of importing and knew little about Japan. However he searched and selected a car with me and I successfully bought and imported a car that was even better than I expected! Now I can confidently say that buying directly on my own is an easy task if you are connected to the right company in Japan and you have someone to rely on. Many thanks to the whole team of JDM!



I came across JDM by chance. One day I received a message from the company via my email. I did not know where they got my email address from, but their message was not a surprise for me at all since I received tons of messages from exporting companies from Japan every day. I have been involved in car business for over 14 years and have extensive experience of working with various export companies. I was very intrigued how JDM was different from other companies and replied to the message. I did not know anything about the company, but I quickly realized that they were professional with such wide range of knowledge and experience of exporting to many countries including mine. What really bothered me at the time was that the company I worked with did only translating auction sheets and giving them to me, which meant that I had to do all the other things like searching a car by myself. That is why I decided to give it a chance and buy a car through JDM. And you know what? These guys knew a lot about auctions! I was surprised by the amazing job they were doing! They passionately and wholeheartedly helped me search a car and taught me how auto auctions work and all the dos and don’ts to be a smart buyer. My knowledge has moved to a completely different level thanks to JDM that has brought a very positive impact on my business as a whole. Before with the previous company, I was just receiving translations of auction sheets ... Believe it or not,  it was one of the largest export companies in Japan! I feel like I was a tiger who was locked up and is now freed with great opportunities! I cannot thank enough for the moment I received the email from the right company and am so glad that I replied to it because it has brought a lot of positive changes making my business more fruitful.



In my country, Japanese cars are very popular, especially fast cars like sports cars. Just like many fans of JDM cars, I was looking for something rare and unique for myself. There were multides of options at auctions, however, those descriptions and a few photos on the auction sheet were not enough for me. I needed to see the real condition of the car before purchase, preferably with video and lots of photos. Using Google, I had checked a lot of company’s websites that offered services but they all looked so complicated that I was not quite sure what to do. One day, I was browsing Facebook where I found JDM I contacted them hoping that they would understand me. Talking to them, I realized that they were more enthusiastic about cars than I was and they passionately helped me with car hunting. Moreover, they do inspect cars and make all the necessary video and photo reports which was exactly what I needed. It actually took me a while to find a car to buy. For example, at one auction, we got several suitable options that initially looked very nice. But later, It turned out that none of the cars which I thought were nice at first glance were not as good as I imagined from the description and photos on the auction sheet. I was able to decide not to buy any of them and delete them from my list.I was already beginning to get upset at this point. To top it off, another car from my list also turned out to be different from what I expected, but this time in a good way. Well, a manager called me and said when they opened the hood to inspect the car they found everything was brought to perfection of tuning! The condition of tuning was beyond my expectation, which I could not have known without the help of JDM inspection team! I assume the previous owner of the car probably preferred not to stand out by exterior and leave it almost in normal condition, but he paid special attention to and put the soul into interior, engine and transmission of the car. This was THE CAR that I could only dream of! I was successfully able to buy it and get it imported to my country. Thanks to JDM my dream is now carefully kept in my garage! All my friends are also delighted! I recommend JDM everyone who really wants to find something unique for themselves!



Thanks to JDM for the car, service and friendly attitude. I bought a car looking through options from auction lists. My family is also happy about the car. Good luck to all of you! Thanks again.



Hi JDM! I want to share my car purchase story. I'm from America. After a movie (the fast and the furious) came out , many movie fans wanted the same cars as those appeared in the movie and my younger self was no exception. Unfortunately, I learnt at the time that I could only import cars over 25 years old or older to the U.S.  I had to wait for almost 20 years, but it was totally worth it. Last year, as I wanted to make my old dream finally come true, I looked through the pages of cars for sale on the Japanese auto shop sites with no idea of who would buy it for me let alone putting it on the ship to export. Many of the companies I contacted wasn't able to help.They only offered cars at auctions or those cars in their stock. But the car I was looking for was not there. Of course, there were some companies that agreed to help finding it, but their service fees were super expensive to me. Besides, it took forever for them to respond my email which always made me bothered. But with JDM we  could understood each other well from the beginning. They quickly responded every time I sent an email to ask questions or request something and gladly agreed to help me find the model I was looking for.. I felt I was so lucky that I could find and purchase a car from one of the auto shops in Japan which JDM had done business with before., I also asked for minor changes in tuning the car, JDM took care of it and made those changes possible.I am now very pleased with my purchase and, of course, the car itself. .



My experience can be pretty banal. I am an importer of cars and have worked with a big company in Japan. I bought cars both from auctions and from company’s stock for my clients. I liked the way the company worked with me, the quality of work was also quite good. Especially for me it was important that the cars were sent to me after payment of 50% or 30% of the total cost. I usually pay the rest of the money after receiving a copy of BL. Everything went well until the problem occured and I lost my clients, reputation and money. Let me explain what happened. After I paid the first part of the money for the two cars I bought, it was expected to take at least 3 weeks before I received a copy of BL. But for some reason, they sent me a copy in a week and asked me to pay the rest of the money for the cars. I was not ready to pay such a large amount of money since I initially thought I would be given a longer period of time. I could not help wondering what caused this much earlier due date trying to figure out what was going on. What they told me was that this could happen sometimes and  if I don’t pay everything, they will resell my car and my money will be lost according to the company’s rules.A week later it happened, I was not ready to pay the money yet and ended up seeing the cars I bought for my clients being resold to someone else. I tried to return the money but I could not get it back. I luckily had a friend who lived in Japan at the time and kindly introduced me to JDM I explained what happened but they told me that it does happen sometimes and there is no way to get the money back. I was very upset and devastated. And as a last resort, I went talk to a layer I knew and asked for help but he also answered that it was a situation that has been seen quite often and there was nothing to do that I just had to take it lying down. It was hard to swallow and awful tasting medicine but looking back it was a lesson that would eventually lead me to future success. I lost my confidence and almost thought about stopping importing cars but thanks to JDM I found real partners.They showed me the right way to purchase and import a car which made me realize how naive I was before! Now I have restored my confidence knowing all the process of importing from selecting a good car to getting the car hipped to picking it up at the port. My business which I once thought to close has continued growing thanks to JDM Having experienced big loss both in money and trust by clients, I want to say that choosing a right partner(s) and having a good relationship with them is the vital key which will lead you to great success. I can say that JDM is the place where no illusions exist and the whole method of work is open and honest. This is my personal opinion. Good luck to all.



When choosing partners in Japan, it was significantly important for me that there was no office in our country, or at least in our city. It is because we are a quite small country and the auto business here is very close-knit. If an foreign export company opens a local office here it would not become a competitor, but also change the whole business model in the country. Our task is to provide professional service to local customers based on a way which was widely accepted by them. I was often advised and suggested by a foreign export company that I should have one car or two at a very low price as an advertisement as it is a popular way to attract customers in their country. I gave it a try and successfully some customers contacted us, however, I had to spend a lot of time to explain that there would be some other fees that would be charged and that were not included in the price shown in the advertisement and customers walked away after they knew the real price of the car. This helped me realize that I should sell cars here in my country in our own ways while I work with partners outside of the county who is supportive and dependable. I personally think my company needs partners, not competitors who ignorantly violate the business culture. JDM this is our partner.